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E-Bike Technology explained...


The powerful Bosch Drive Unit transforms any pedelec (e-bike) into a clever everyday companion. Wherever you're heading!

Bosch motors give just the right level of support with every push of the pedals whether that is for relaxed everyday use or more power for those times when you really need a boost. Its optimized 3-sensor concept performs 1000 highly precise measurements per second, affording optimum power tuning and a unique riding sensation. The Bosch Power Packs ensure the most powerful performance, thanks to their high energy density and long life.

The onboard computers called Intuvia, Purion or their Sat Nav system called Nyon serve as the command centre allowing you to switch between four different riding modes; Eco, Tour, Sport & Turbo, as well as displaying information like speed, battery level, distance travelled and approximate range remaining available.

The handy 'walk' button delivers a 'walking speed' power output from the motor for those occasions where you need to push your bicycle up some steps or a short slope. An optimal balance of powered assistance is ensured by three sensors that monitor pedalling power, cadence and speed at a rate of 1000 measurements per second.

Precise motor control and rapid processing of sensor information ensures very low levels of noise and vibration. Reliable, stable chain run prevents chain derailments, and reduces wear. The Bosch system is even clever enough to recognise your gear shifts, and in a split second, reduces power preventing damage to the chain and sprockets!

Bosch is the market leader in E-bike drive system technology - a brand trusted globally for its engineering quality.

Shimano Steps

Shimano are the world's leading supplier of bicycle components; there are more bikes fitted with Shimano controls than any other brand. Shimano have taken their knowledge of cycling, gained from years of experience, and applied it to produce one of the most innovative E-bike systems available.

The key to the Shimano STEPS system is the integration of the gears, motor and controller to produce a quiet, powerful and efficient riding experience, much like the Bosch system.

Some of our bikes are equipped with Shimano's excellent electronic / automatic Shimano Alfine Di2 electronic hub gear, allowing you to change the gear using buttons rather than levers for a fast, smooth and precise shift that doesn't require readjustment.

This system also gives you the choice to set the bike to automatic shift. Based on bicycle speed and how fast you're pedalling the Shimano STEPS system will automatically tell the Di2 hub what gear to shift into. So while you pedal, the drive unit brainstorms and, if necessary, temporarily reduces chain tension so the hub can change to the right gear! Brilliant!

In plain English, this means a smoother riding experience because you won't have to worry about whether or not you're in the right gear. You'll realise right away how great automatic shifting is if you're not a regular rider or if you need to come to an abrupt halt the Shimano STEPS system will automatically shift down to a lower gear as you stop at traffic lights for example, then give you that extra surge when the lights go green for an easy start.

The motor and control system is the heart of any E-bike, and with Shimano's intuitive, quiet and lightweight STEPS system, you'll push boundaries and feel energised while doing it.


There are two main advantages in center mount type units. First, the gears originally equipped to the bicycle can be utilized as a part of e-Bike systems, allowing for optimal motor performance. Second is weight distribution. Centralization of mass leads to a natural weight balance while riding and while stopped, retaining the superior weight distribution of a bicycle.

Yamaha have succeeded in developing one of the world's smallest and lightest drive units. This involves the direct transmission of the motor power to the crankshaft, providing for a minimal exterior design. The high-power motor has ample amounts of low-down torque, making electrical assist on hills and gravel roads - under the hardest of conditions - extremely powerful. In principle the Yamaha system is very, very similar to the Bosch and Shimano systems and although is smaller and lighter there really is nothing to choose between the 3 systems!


Based in Taiwan, TranzX are at the forefront of development, creating smart solutions for E-bikes. Early adopters of E-bike technology, they manufacture their complete system in-house to ensure quality and consistency. Many leading E-bike manufacturers use TranzX systems as they offer reliable performance at an affordable price.

One of our brands - Raleigh use the two newest systems from TranzX; the front wheel F15 motor and mid M16 motor models. Both systems benefit from new communications technology, which ensures that the motor maximises the battery range, and will allow your dealer to set the bike up for you via a USB link.

Handle-mounted power controls are placed close to the grips, so you can easily select from the three power levels, and use the speed button to give you an extra boost for hills or when you're late for work!

The F15 motor featured on the Raleigh Spirit and Pioneer models is a powerful, geared front wheel motor. This provides the bikes with great hill climbing assistance, and allows you to quickly pull away at junctions or traffic lights. Adopting the latest gear design allows the motor to be kept relatively small and quiet compared to other front wheel motor systems. The simple LED display indicates the level of power you are using and the remaining battery charge.

The TranzX M16 centre / crank motor is ideally suited to the type of riding thie bike is designed for. In this instance the motor is directly connected to the cranks providing a smooth and exceptionally efficient transfer of power which is added to your pedal stroke. The M16 motor gives you the ability to easily climb steep hills on trails and the road, as well as speeding along on the flat. The M16 system features an LCD display that shows your speed, range and the power level you are using. TranzX inspires the modern E-bike experience with intelligent solutions felt in every push of the pedal.


Raleigh has worked with Accell Netherlands, Europe's largest manufacturer of E-bikes, to develop the E-motion front motor system for the Array models.

This is the best riding front motor system we have ever experienced at this price point. The custom software provides an even delivery of power meaning that the bike pulls away smoothly and without the jerky surge of rival systems.

With 5 power levels plus the boost function on a twist grip you can manage the assistance that the motor gives you to maximise the range of the battery or make the ride as easy as you want it to be. The 300wh batteries give a range of up to 108km on the lowest setting or 22km on high.

This makes it ideally suited to quick commutes and trips around town or rides with the family. The D-light motor is so small and quiet you'll hardly notice it's there until you realise how far you've gone with so little effort!

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